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The Music Promoters Hall of Fame is an awards ceremony to honour event organisers who have influenced black music the most across various genres in the United Kingdom from the 1960s to the ‘00s.

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Genesis Legacy:

Representing the heritage and impact of Genesis ‘88, a pioneering group in the acid house movement.Throughout 1989, Genesis’88 and other promoters like Sunrise, Biology, and Energy pushed the boundaries of the acid house scene by staging elaborate “Orbital” parties. These events occurred in various unconventional locations, including fields, warehouses, and other vacant structures, moving away from the urban core’s constraints. This innovative approach significantly contributed to the spread and popularity of acid-house music.

Music Promoters Hall of Fame:

The Music Promoters Hall of Fame is an awards ceremony to honour event organisers who have influenced black music the most across various genres in the United Kingdom from the 1960s to the ‘00s.

Urban music promoters have undoubtedly been the instrumental force behind this progression, dedicating their time, money, and energy to the cause and in some cases even risking their liberty to entertain music lovers of every nationality. They are the true unsung heroes that paved the way and now the Music Promoters Hall of Fame wants to recognize them for their lifetime contributions

Reggae Sunsplash:

Often likened to the “Reggae Woodstock,” is an iconic music festival that has been instrumental in showcasing reggae music’s vibrant and soulful sounds. First held in 1978 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, this annual event quickly became a significant platform for reggae artists and a beloved gathering for music lovers worldwide.
The last Reggae Sunsplash event held in London took place in 1999, marking the end of an era for the festival in the UK.

UAEG aims to set new live event production and promotion standards by combining their rich legacy with modern event management practices.

UAEG intends to relaunch Reggae Sunsplash Summer of 2026.

Reggae Sunsplash, first staged at Jarrett Park in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in June 1978, is a monumental event in the history of reggae music festivals. Billed as the “biggest Reggae festival in the history of the world,” the inaugural festival introduced an innovative concept by running from dusk until dawn for seven consecutive days. This format not only captivated attendees with continuous music but also positioned the festival as a significant boost to Jamaica’s tourism industry, combining music and travel to attract visitors from around the globe.
The success of Reggae Sunsplash set the stage for a proliferation of annual music festivals throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean. In 1984, the festival expanded internationally with a one-day event at Selhurst Park in London, England. The following year saw the Reggae Sunsplash World Tour launch, which brought the festival to audiences in the United States and Japan. Over the years, Reggae Sunsplash toured extensively, reaching fans in North America, Europe, South America, and the Far East, cementing its status as a global cultural phenomenon.
In 1998, Trans-Global Management Ltd (TGM) secured a licensing deal with Sunsplash Promotions, with the original creators, Synergy, lending their expertise to stage a remarkable event the following year. The 1999 festival, held at Victoria Park in London to celebrate the festival’s 21st anniversary, was a resounding success. Licensed and attended by 50,000 people, this event is fondly remembered as the most spectacular production in the history of Reggae Sunsplash, highlighting the enduring appeal and influence of this iconic festival.

Growth and Influence

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The Genesis Legacy event at the Royal Albert Hall, promises to be a remarkable musical journey, featuring orchestral renditions of iconic warehouse party anthems from the late 1980s to early 1990s. This event aims to bring a fresh and sophisticated twist to the vibrant and energetic music traditionally associated with the Acid House era.
The late eighties and early nineties marked a transformative period in the cultural landscape, particularly with the birth of Acid House and the rise of the rave scene. During this time, Genesis emerged as a pioneering force, organizing and promoting over a dozen events that attracted thousands of partygoers. The era was characterized by significant cultural shifts, and the proliferation of illegal warehouse parties began to capture public attention.

Reputation and Legacy
Genesis ‘88 quickly developed a formidable reputation. According to Matthew Collin in his book Altered State: The Story of Ecstasy Culture and Acid House, “From their first party in October 1988 onwards, Genesis developed a prodigious reputation for cracking open huge warehouses and holding illegal raves, week after week, from Aldgate to Hackney, Tottenham to Walthamstow. “

Attendance: The crew’s events saw exponential growth in attendance, starting with 300 attendees and eventually attracting crowds of up to 8,000 people.

Challenges: Their success also brought challenges. Genesis’88 became the target of the newly formed Police taskforce, the “Pay Party Unit,” and was labeled as “Public Enemy No.1” by the government. This intense scrutiny and pressure contributed to the eventual decline of illegal acid house parties.

The Managing Director of Urban Arts Entertainment Group boasts a distinguished career spanning over four decades in the music industry. He has excelled as a promoter, event organiser, and producer of numerous commercially successful concerts and festivals across the UK and Europe. Throughout his career, Andrew has brought to the stage a multitude of internationally renowned artists, including Wyclef Jean, UB40, Ginuwine, Joe, Marcia Griffiths, Ky-Mani Marley, Jagged Edge, Mr. Vegas, Dru Hill, Red Rat, SWV, Aswad, Morgan Heritage, David Rodigan, and many others. Andrew was a trailblazer in the warehouse party scene in the late eighties and early nineties, organizing some of the era’s most iconic events. His forward-thinking approach provided a platform for emerging talents like Carl Cox, Mickey Finn, DJ Hype, Fat Tony, Fabio, Groove Rider, and Kenny Ken, who later achieved global acclaim as DJs and music producers. Andrew’s extensive experience and industry connections have been pivotal in delivering high-quality events such as Reggae Sunsplash and Genesis Legacy. His solid relationships with top talent agencies worldwide have consistently ensured the success of these events. Beyond his professional endeavors, Andrew is deeply committed to philanthropy. He actively collaborates with various charitable organisations, including the AP Foundation Charity, where he uses his expertise to promote and raise vital funds and awareness through high-profile events and concerts. His passion for the music industry and dedication to charitable causes underscore his impactful career and enduring legacy.

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